Daytime seminar by Professor Greg Horsley on Attitudes to outsiders in Mediterranean antiquity

The notion of the stranger in historical, literary, mythic and other contexts is ubiquitous across cultures and periods; yet who qualifies as a stranger may manifest itself differently. After brief allusions to some instances in 19th and 20th century lite

Celebrating 50 years of Burgmann's Legacy

Join St Mark's, the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, and the Anglican Historical Society as we celebrate Bishop Ernest Burgmann's life and legacy, in honour of the 50th anniversary of his passing.

Public lecture: Offending for the Right Reason: Christian Mission in a Post-Colonial World

Did the Christian mission die with the end of western colonisation in the '60s? Join guest lecturer Dr Darrell Whiteman as he takes us through the cultural mistakes made by missionaries in the colonial era, and how the Christian mission is still alive and