St Mark's Students Graduate

Monday December 14 2015 by Katherine

Congratulations to 60 St Mark’s students who graduated today with Charles Sturt University (CSU) degrees in theology, ministry, pastoral counselling and ageing and pastoral studies.

The CSU School of Theology Graduation was held this morning at St Paul’s Church in Manuka, Canberra.

Graduands from as far away as the Netherlands attend the ceremony to receive their degrees.

Significantly, a high number of graduates (seven) received doctorates including St Mark’s own lecturer Ian Coutts.

 St Mark’s staff played a role in the ceremony: Dr Jeanette Mathews delivered a reading from Isaiah; Library Manager Susan Phillips gave a reading from Luke; and St Mark’s Director Revd Dr Andrew Cameron gave the benediction and dismissal.  

A full list of St Mark’s graduates is listed below.
Doctor of Philosophy
Christopher Armitage
whose thesis title was: Atonement and Ethics in 1 John: A Peacemaking Hermeneutic
First John is a New Testament text that affirms 'God is love', but it also characterises alienated members of the community to which it was written in spiteful terms. Its central image of atonement has also been interpreted in ways that jar with an understanding of God as love. Christopher Armitage argues that the theme of love in 1 John is the interpretive key to understanding the nature and action of God on behalf of the world. First John should therefore be read as a peace-affirming and peacemaking text.
George Browning
whose thesis title was: Sabbath and the Common Good: An Anglican Response to the Environmental Crisis
The environmental crisis is not simply a matter of ecology but also of human behaviour. This thesis examines sabbath themes within scripture as a basis for human ethical behaviour in a relational world. In line with the emphasis of Anglican Lambeth Conferences since 1888, this research critiques individualism reliant upon assumptions of limitlessness in the global economy, is guided by a sabbath-based ethic of 'enough', and argues for the primacy of 'Common Good' over self-interest for sustainability and wellbeing in the 21st century
Ian Coutts
whose thesis title was: A Trinitarian Theology of 'Family'
'The family' has long been an area of interest to Christianity. Despite this, there has been very little theological investigation of 'family'. The re-emergence of Trinitarian theology has led to a reconsideration of Christian anthropology, specifically of 'persons in relation'. While this looks promising for a theology of the family, it has not been previously attempted. This thesis examines both the trinity and the family, then re-conceptualises 'family' in the light of 'relational' Trinitarian theology. Of particular interest for family dynamics are the Trinitarian relational dynamics of hypostasis (personhood), perichoresis (inter-relations) and ekstasis (other-oriented attentiveness).
Marie-Louise Craig
whose thesis title was762) Hebrew-English Lexicons of the British Isles: From John Parkhurst (1762) to Benjamin Davies (1872)
The period of Hebrew-English lexicography in the British Isles from John Parkhurst (1762) to Benjamin Davies (1872) was the most prolific in the history of Hebrew-English lexicography, yet its study has been neglected. This thesis examines these lexicons, providing a biography of each lexicographer, their aims, methods, and sources. Studies of one word and one set of lexemes are provided for each lexicographer to facilitate comparison between them. This thesis contributes to the history of Hebrew lexicography and to the understanding of lexicons as cultural artefacts. 

Marguerite Kappelhoff
whose thesis title was: The Marks of the Church as 'Gift and Task': A Paradigm for the Twenty-First Century Church
The four 'marks' of the church, that it is one, holy, catholic and apostolic, have long served the church as identifiers of its nature and mission. Yet contemporary engagement with the marks varies greatly between churches, who often define them denominationally, creating division rather than unity. This thesis reconsiders the marks through a 'gift and task' paradigm, which honours the gift of the marks, enables their task to be communicated, promotes understanding of their theology and encourages churches to self-examination rather than self-justification in response to these marks.
Lorraine Macknight
whose thesis title was: Minding the Hymn: Catherine Winkworth and the Transmission of German Hymnody to Australia
Through the work of Catherine Winkworth, a prominent mid-19th century translator of German hymns into English, the hymn can be seen as both an important component of Christian worship practice and an active agent in cultural transmission. Analysis of some 300 hymnbooks, and the circumstances of their production, revealed a high level of German hymn text and tune, at the same time providing insight into the lasting effect of British imperial expansion, immigration patterns and the strength of denominationalism in forming the Australian identity.
Michelle Trebilock
whose thesis title was:
Towards a Theological Hermeneutic for Contexts of Change: Love in Liminality
Augustine declared the key to Christian theology was the command to love God and neighbour-as-self. Yet the meaning of love is fluid, enmeshed within different cultural forms, and highly contested in times of cultural change.This thesis develops a theological hermeneutic for contexts of change utilising liminality theory from social anthropology. Key elements of liminality theory are used to structure a way of theological knowing for changing contexts, whereby 'love' may fall into liminality and be re-formed in the crucible of personal encounter with God-who-is-love.
Doctor of Ministry
Graeme Robinson
whose thesis title was:
Towards a policy on ministry with, to and by elderly people for the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Australia
This study is about ministry in the church by, with and to elderly people, and the particular need for the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Australia (C&MA) for a policy that addresses older adult ministry. A policy is important because of the increasing proportion of older adults in congregations, and the diversity of ethnic groups represented in the denomination. Members of the C&MA church across Australia were surveyed and the results analysed to provide a basis for the development of a policy that would facilitate more effective involvement in the ministries of the church.
Master of Theology (Honours)
Neil Bowey
whose thesis title was: Towards Respectful Relations between Christians and Muslims: An Interfaith Dialogical Approach
John Byles
whose thesis title was: Hope for Elderly People: Applying Jurgen Moltmann's Eschatology
Jonathan Geddes
whose thesis title was: Missional Hermeneutics in the Light of Luke's Interpretation of Scripture
Master of Arts (Ageing and Pastoral Studies)
Mavis Salt
Master of Arts (Pastoral Counselling)
Brett Morgan
Graduate Diploma of Ageing and Pastoral Studies
Benjamin Boland
Penelope Busby
Kerry McLean
Graduate Diploma of Pastoral Counselling
Robert Bremner
Peter Caspersonn
Kim Langford
Graduate Certificate in Ageing and Pastoral Studies
Lynda Elizabeth Coveny
Master of Ministry
John Candy
Master of Theology with Distinction
Anthony Frost
Peter Hooton
Jill Lovett
Tracey Matthews
Robert Newton
Jenny Wilson
Master of Theology
Cissy Parker
Graduate Diploma of Ministry with Distinction
Michael Stalley
Graduate Diploma of Theology with Distinction
Shane Fenwick
Mark Harmer
Rebecca Morris
Graduate Diploma of Theology
Ainslie Falvey
Annettia Goldsmith
Frances Grimes
William Mateo
Ann Phillpott
Michael Purvis
Emma Street
Jane Walsh
Bachelor of Theology (Honours)
Bronwyn Williams
Robert Coxon
Bachelor of Theology with Distinction
Robert Brier
Kelvin Harris
Christopher Lewis
Louise Potter
Bachelor of Theology
Nicole Baldwin
Patrician Bevan
Stephen Briggs
Alistair Buchanan
Russell Byl
Hazel Davies
Sharene Fechner
Stuart Haynes
Michael Jurgeneit
Wonder Kanyongo
Sarah McKenna
David Schweinsberg
Associate Degree in Theology
Trevor Briggs
Diploma of Theology with Distinction
Christopher Thomas
Diploma of Theology
Edward Gorga
Jobu Koshy Jacob