2016 Commencement Lecture

Tuesday January 12 2016 by Katherine

St Mark's is pleased to invite you to the 2016 Commencement Lecture with special guest Dr Greg Clarke, CEO of Bible Society who will be speaking on 'Poison, panadol, placebo: Is the Bible good for society's health?'

7.30pm | 25th February 
Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture
15 Blackall Street, Barton

This event is free but please register a ticket via Eventbrite.

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Dr Greg Clarke is a CEO, author, public speaker and academic, interested in religion in contemporary life. With a doctorate in literature from the University of Sydney, he has written books on topics ranging from The Da Vinci Code to the end of the world, from marriage to the life of Jesus. His latest book, The Great Bible Swindle, argues that every Australian needs a working knowledge of the Bible in order to be truly educated.

Greg is in demand as a lecturer and media commentator on religious issues. Greg is married with five children and lives in south-east Sydney. In 2010 he became the Chief Executive of Bible Society Australia, and was before then a Founding Director of the Centre for Public Christianity in Sydney. Greg splits his time between management, writing, media work, and academia. His passion is for creative, intelligent discussion of the deeper issues of life.